The Eyebrows – Press Quotes

“The Big Takeover premieres “Suicide Love”, a dreamier cut off the LP that flows with lush, bittersweet regret. Plush, spiraling guitar lines, rich synths, and scintillating cymbals crash wash over Garrigan’s drawn out vocal exclamations.”The Big Takeover

“THE EYEBROWS/Volume: Producer Mitch Easter dusts off the controls and takes this band back to the days when alt sounded vaguely like Byrds. In that pre-grunge element before angst ruled the roost, jangly guitars showed they never went out of style. When paired with edgy lyrics and the proper attitude, the mix reminds you what it is to be young. That’s the heady brew on tap here.” Midwest Record

“Charlotte’s The Eyebrows announced their debut EP Volume available August 31 and delivered the single of dangerous entanglements with the grandiose Suicide Love” – Week in Pop

“I watched Garrigan strut back and forth in the band corner at Birdsong Brewery like he had moves like Jagger (yes, I just said that).” – Ellen Gurley, My City Magazine

“…secretly, Freddie Mercury and Rob Halford made babies and that vocalist Jay Garrigan is their biological son.” – Kevin Miller, Left Off the Dial

“Jay Garrigan has a powerful voice (comparable to Jeff Buckley’s) and heartfelt lyrics (that range from witty to woeful).” – Kevin Foster Langston, Free Times, Columbia


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