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You in?

DOUBLE TAKE is a concept album, where side two is an entirely different recording, mix, and vibe of side one plus bonus songs

Side one was recorded and mixed by Mitch Easter (REM, Let’s Active) at Fidelitorium studios. You know that this side of the album sounds rocktastic!

Mitch suggested that Jay record side two in the style of live b-side cuts you may hear on an early REM album. So he did.

Side two was recorded and mixed by Jay Garrigan in our practice space.  

The album was mastered by Bill Skibbe at Third Man Mastering.

Who are you guys?

Jay Garrigan is on a lifelong quest to write the perfect song for all of your imperfect moments. He likes to play the space around the guitar.

Darrin Gray plays a Charlotte-legendary EB-O 60’s bass guitar that has passed through several infamous bands, and then sat in a friend’s closet until Darrin came to its rescue.

Shawn Lynch is influenced by drummer greats like Ringo, and Moon. Like his heroes, he also sets his drums up in his own unique configuration, and has a story behind every piece of his drum kit.  

Live Shows

Jay Garrigan is currently recovering from a middle finger severe spiral fracture and hand surgery. 

No worries folks… we’re starting to play and book shows near you!

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