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“…it finally answers the age-old question about what it would it sound like if the Pixies and King Missile  jammed in the B-52s’ garage.” – Magnet Magazine

The Eyebrows are an Underground Power Pop band from Charlotte, North Carolina.  VOLUME was Recorded and Mixed by Mitch Easter at Fidelitorium Recordings in Kernersville, North Carolina. The album was mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound in New York, New York.

“…punchy and emotional tunes that recall the snarky smarts and wiry grooves of new wave performers like Nick Lowe and Athens, Georgia’s Pylon.” – Pat Moran, CLCLT

Meet The Band

Shawn Lynch Sippin

Darrin Gray

Bassist & Vocals

Punk Rock Afficaionado

Shawn Lynch

Drummist & Vocals

British Invasion Swagerer

Jay Garrigan

Vocals & Guitarist

Thinks 1982 is Very Cool

Jay Garrigan and Shawn Lynch have played in bands together for over two decades, and have known Darrin Gray well before that. Through years of touring; putting out records; and not to mention, close friendships; who came together as The Eyebrows have been described as brothers-from-another-mother who have the license to both talk shit and defend each other as appropriate to the occasion.

Consistently, The Eyebrows have put out critically acclaimed recordings, while in contrast, attack the stage like a punk-rock gang. 

Hence, they describe themselves as “Underground Power Pop” – eargasmic melodies yet quirky and off-center lyrics, coupled with unpredictable, manic live shows that give the band a menacing edge.

“…have brought comparisons to the Talking Heads and Pixies with a touch of The Stranglers and Modern Lovers.” – Big Takeover Magazine