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Hey Dudes! What's a virtual record release event?

Our 2nd album, Fight/Flight, is manically fun yet a dark, personal record. We want you to know about everything that went into making it.

Think of this release event as a companion to the record. 

It’s also an opportunity to share music differently… virtually – together – with us!

Why is it going to take 10 days?

We are going to dedicate each day to a single song & dig in real deep

Hear the songs before anyone else

Listen to new, high-quality songs on hidden Bandcamp, Youtube, and Soundcloud with a private link.

Dive into the Lyrcs

Coupled with commentary and annotation... get to know what the songs are about

See the album being made

Watch us track the songs in Mitch Easter's Fidelitorum Recording studio.

See our record be cut into lacquer

If you've ever been curious as to how vinyl records are made, join us as we talk with Bill Skibbe from Third Man Mastering about all-things mastering and vinyl.

We love Mitch Easter

...and so should you! We've spent many days in the studio with mix master Mitch! We interviewed him for the record just to give you a taste of his absolute coolness and genius.

The Eyebrows at Snug Harbor photo by Wicked Garden Media

Party with rockstars

Hang out at our virtual bar.
Let us get to know you.
We'll answer your questions live.
And we will have a few questions for you too!
Bring a pint or cup of whatever and let's chat!

How does this work?

Easily. Click on any of the green buttons on this page, type in your email, and then you’re signed up to receive the virtual release event!

We also ask you for your first name (so we know what to call you) and for your zip code (in case we tour your way).

Plus… we’ve left room for quite a few surprises!

This sounds Stupid. Just put it on streaming.

Calm down there Sparky! This album is extremely important to us, and we want to do something special for it. The world has changed my friend, and this is the best way we know how to connect with our fans and friends during a pandemic.

We get it – digging this deep into a record as a means of releasing it may not be for everyone, and that’s OK if this isn’t for you. Just click off the page & maybe we’ll see you around.

OK! This is pretty cool! But when can I buy the vinyl/cd, and when can I stream it?

You can buy our merch at anytime from our main page, but if you sign up for this record release event, you’ll get some freebies and a deep discount! So sign up and look for those emails. If you open the first three emails, we’ll send you the discount code in the fourth email for a one-time, 15%off your order!

Fight/Flight vinyls and CDs will ship on April 16 (currently within the continental US only, but we’re working on expanding shipping), and currently via USPS you should get the music in 3-10 days after.

The songs won’t hit streaming all at once. We’re going to release the album singles, and only after that rollout is over will the entire record be on streaming. The current plan is to release a single once a week staring April 16, but that could change due to magazines desiring to debut a song, and such.

That being said, this Fight/Flight album release event is pretty cool, and still gives you an opportunity to hear the songs before anyone else. You’ll be able to stream it off private links on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Youtube… but not on things like Spotify and Apple just yet.

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