Meet The Band

From left to right: Shawn Lynch (Drummist), Darrin Gray (bassist), and Jay Garrigan (the other things)

In March of 2020, we cancelled all of our gigs due to Covid, and it wasn’t until June of 2021 that we were able to play our favorite clubs again. 

The new run of shows have been cathartic to say the least. Hope to see you at a safe, live show soon!

Jay Garrigan

Jay writes the songs, sings, plays guitar, keys, synths, etc.

He enjoys endlessly recording demos, and also loves doing the band’s online marketing and creating music videos. He likes to learn new things all the time.

He’s the most technical and adventurous of the band, earning him the title…”The Wizard”.

Darrin Gray

Darrin lays down the bass and sings backing vocals. 

He has an incredible amount of first-hand, punk-rock street cred… but like any seasoned performer, you’d be lucky if he told you about it. 

Shawn Lynch

Shawn is the band’s “drummist” and 2nd vocalist. 

Shawn and Jay have played music together since 2000, and partner together on a lot of music-related things.

Shawn also does most of the band’s graphic design, and is also the band’s lighting director.

He can also be found spinning his rock-n-roll 45s for 60-70s retro music fans.

Yes, that’s Mr. T & Shawn.