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The Eyebrows – Short Description

The Eyebrows are a rock band from Charlotte, NC whose quirky lyrics coupled with manic-fuzz guitar, beer-soaked bass and a retro backbeat has brought comparisons to Talking Heads, Pixies and LCD Soundsystem. The-Eyebrows have finished tracking their first record, and have completed mixing with legendary REM producer Mitch Easter at his Fidelitorium sound studio. Ten tracks have been mastered by Greg Calbi out of Sterling Sound in NYC, and the band plans to release the album themselves in late 2017.

The Eyebrows – Sound Cloud

Our first single “It Comes Down Hard” is about Jay’s former neighbor who was eventually charged with attempted murder and stalking. Recorded and mixed by Mitch Easter. Mastered by Greg Calbi.

Our second single, “The Sun” initiated from a songwriting challenge between Jay and his brother Mike Garrigan where the two wrote songs about the solar system. This song features non-traditional instruments, like the Moog Opus 3, Baritone guitar and 3/4 bass guitar.  Also recorded and mixed by Mitch Easter. Mastered by Greg Calbi.

The Eyebrows – Press images

Photos by Kevin Condon.

The Eyebrows – Press Quotes

“I watched Garrigan strut back and forth in the band corner at Birdsong Brewery like he had moves like Jagger (yes, I just said that).” – Ellen Gurley, My City Magazine

“…secretly, Freddie Mercury and Rob Halford made babies and that vocalist Jay Garrigan is their biological son.” – Kevin Miller, Left Off the Dial

“Jay Garrigan has a powerful voice (comparable to Jeff Buckley’s) and heartfelt lyrics (that range from witty to woeful)”. – Kevin Foster Langston, Free Times, Columbia

The Eyebrows – The Story

Singer/Guitarist Jay Garrigan and drummist Shawn Lynch have played together for over seventeen years in several of Charlotte’s most dynamic rock bands (including, but not limited to both Poprocket and Temperance League). Many people think Jay and Shawn are brothers, not because they look alike, but because they treat each other like brothers – always finishing each other’s jokes, or having the license to talk shit and simultaneously defend each other.

Jay and Shawn met bassist Jon Lock after Jay and Jon were part of a charity concert house band, and soon thereafter Jon agreed to join The Eyebrows after listening to Jay’s demo recordings. The trio soon found their esoteric musical styles being quite complementary, landing them in an unexpected, new place being recently described as the perfect blend of Talking Heads and Pixies.

Shawn’s drumming repertoire lands solidly in the backbeat of Ringo Starr and Keith Moon, which tends to balance out Jay’s songwriting which leans toward 70s power pop (Big Star), 80s new wave (Talking Heads), and 90s indie rock (Pavement). Jon’s background is rooted in reggae and ska which adds an entirely new feel to Jay and Shawn’s power-pop arrangement and vibe.

With a tons of shows being booked, a record on the way, a craft beer, and several videos in various stages of production, The Eyebrows look forward to rocking your face.

The Eyebrows – Fast Facts

  • The band took it’s name from a Frank Zappa quote: “The computer can’t tell you the emotional story. It can give you the exact mathematical design, but what’s missing is the eyebrows.” – Frank Zappa
  • While The Eyebrows have been an ongoing recording project for Jay Garrigan and Shawn Lynch with several friends since 2014, the band solidified the lineup as a trio with Jon Lock on bass.
  • The Eyebrows released their first 7″ 45 rpm record with dual-singles “It Comes Down Hard” and “The Sun” in 2016. The songs were recorded and mixed by Mitch Easter and mastered by Greg Calbi, a legendary production team who has produced some of Jay, Shawn, and Jon’s favorite records such as R.E.M.’s Murmur.
  • The Eyebrows have ten songs mixed and mastered by the same production dream team, and are making plans to release the record on vinyl themselves as soon as financially possible.
  • The Eyebrows guitarist, mutli-instrumentalist and singer Jay Garrigan currently does The Eyebrows full-time and occasionally plays solo. He’s the main contact for the band, writes the songs, tirelessly records demos, and does most of the promotion and booking. His former bands include Poprocket and Garrigan, and has been a member of several Charlotte bands at the height of their success, including but not limited to: Temperance League, Transmission Fields, Laburnum, Violet Strange, 2nd Skin, Boil, and Pete Gorgeous. 
  • Shawn Lynch is the drummist for The Eyebrows and has proclaimed that he’s Jay’s drummer for life, but if you ask him, he maintains that he’s really a guitarist. Shawn also plays in the Mitch Easter’s band (bass), The Loudermilks (bass), Mark Crozer and the Rels (guitar or bass). Shawn is also a former member of Temperance League and Poprocket, and has played a vital role in the Charlotte music scene as a founding member of Lou Ford.
  • Jon Lock plays bass for The Eyebrows, and is also the bassist for Charlotte punk rock trio The Bleeps. Jon was a founding member of Bum’s Lie and Juice Box, and has toured nationally and internationally as the bassist in the reggae and ska scenes.
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